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in2, CE-marked, wearable device, designed to delay ejaculation, introduces a paradigm shift in sexual wellbeing.


The in2 device is clinically proven to help you last longer, perform better, and delay ejaculation using cutting-edge muscle stimulation technology. 


The technology enhances men’s ability to contract the pelvic-floor muscles and postpone ejaculation by delivering transcutaneous neuromuscular stimulation.


in2 is flexible, conforms to local anatomy and is easily positioned according to anatomical landmarks. It  has been clinically proven and its technology has been commercially used for many years.


in2 is now available for purchase in UK and Israel!

​Clinically proven (CE mark approved)
Clinically proven
CE marked
​Drug-free (no side-effects)  
(no side-effects)  
​  Immediate effect (no waiting period)
  Immediate effect
(no waiting period)
in2 patch

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in2 patch
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